Class Constitution (Our Class Norms - generated by our students)

To create a learning community where all students can be successful:

We Promise to:

By listening to the speaker(s) when they talking or the teacher is talking
By Being quiet when others are speaking
By being quiet and not making noises
By raising your hand to get permission from the teacher if you have a question
if you want to talk
if you want to leave your seat
Don’t get up when the teacher is saying something important

By being kind and nice all the time. Don’t let other people let you be down
Always be a super hero! (If somebody gets hurt, ask if they are okay, if they aren’t ok get the teacher.
Treat others they way you want to be treated!
Think before you speak so you don’t hurt other people’s feelings.

Don’t run (in hallway). No running, it could be slippery, you could get hurt
By always letting the teacher know when you leave the classroom.
By keeping your hands and feet to yourself

  • By making good, positive choices
  • By following the Harlan Habits
  • By using “Accountable Talk” for discussions and problem solving
  • By following the motto: if you can you should
  • By completing my work on time.
  • By going beyond curriculum (doing more than you are asked)